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235 Pennant Hills Road, Thornleigh, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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  1. Evergreen Outdoor Activity (Cantonese) will be held on Saturday, 14th January, at Sea-Cliff Bridge, Stanwell Park. Please contact Michael Wong or Peggy Leung if you are interested.

  2. Kid’s Fun Days, Cave Quest Thank GOD for the KFD “Cave Quest” program. A total of 73 kids participated and over 30 parents attended the Friday lunch. Praise to the Lord that 18 kids prayed with Candy to accept Jesus as their Saviour. A big thank you to Candy for her dedicated effort, and to all the brothers and sisters who have helped.

  3. 11AM Youth Please meet in room 4 for the remaining three Sundays of January.

  4. Plus Retreat 2017 is coming on 10th to 12th February, 2017!!!! The cost is $150 for the weekend, or $50 for one day. The Facebook event is up in the Plus group page and the registration form has been posted. Respond now so we can book more houses if needed. Invite your friends. First years are strongly encouraged to come! Please contact Jase at 0430 877 966 or jasemeister@gmail.com.

  5. Chinese New Year Programs
    • Mandarin
    The Chinese New Year get together will be held on Saturday, 4th February, from 7.30pm – 9:30pm, in the Side Hall of the church. Programs include dinner, performances, a short talk and games. Please bring a dish to share. All are welcome
    • Cantonese
    The Chinese New Year evangelistic gathering will be held on Saturday, 11th February, from 6:30pm. There will be different stalls on the night. The evening will close with a short talk. Cost: brothers/sisters $10, Free for guests, primary school kids and under. All are welcome, so please invite your friends to join. Ticketing details will be announced later. For other details, please contact Daniel Lam <daniel.cklam@gmail.com>, Ada Ko <adako@live.com.au> and Alice Kwok <alicetkwok@hotmail.com>.

  6. Aged Care Visitation (Cantonese) will be held on Saturday, 4th February, at the Castle Hills Age Care at 42-46 Darcey Road, Castle Hill, to celebrate the Chinese New Year as well as to share the good news of God's love with the elderly people. The group will meet at church at 9:15am and return at 11:30am, followed by lunch together at 12:30pm. If you would like to come, please contact Cindy Li and Agnes Yiu.


Who are We

Chinese and Australian Baptist Church - Thornleigh was founded in July 1989. Since 1984, Rev. Joseph Fung responded to God's guidance, and, together with Rev. Burman of Eastwood Baptist Church began to reach out to the Cantonese speaking Chinese migrant community, resulting in the establishment of CABC Thornleigh. All this time the Church has upheld its foundation – the Word of God. The ministry of our church has always centred on the Word of God – our Sunday worship, our all-age Sunday school, our cell groups and fellowship groups all built upon this foundation; but from the beginning, never forgetting the Great Commission. Right from the beginning, CABC-Thornleigh already established a mission fund, supporting local and overseas mission.

Here we see a beautiful picture, the Australian and Chinese pastors and brothers and sisters then, in responding to the gospel need of the community, joined in local mission, establishing the church, spreading the Word of God, and supporting overseas missions. Just as the Lord Jesus, before his ascension, instructed the apostles and said, “…You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). We thank God for His provision throughout the years, for establishing CABC-Thornleigh this big spiritual family to proclaim Christ and witness the power of His Gospel.