God is not a killjoy

English AM
Guest Speaker
Ian Clarke
1 Samuel 13:16 - 14:15 (NIV) Read...
1 Samuel 14:24-30 (NIV) Read...

What does following God look like?

Backs to the wall

  1. Mountain stalemate (3000 men become 600)
  2. Raiding parties
  3. Almost no good weapons
  4. he “Hebrews” had defected
  5. When things are darkest… it’s good to have friends who follow God

Guidance when following Jesus…

  1. Is it the responsibility God has given you?
  2. Has he given you the tools to do it?
  3. Be open to God’s leading
  4. Be brave!

Following God is not being religious

  1. God’s not interested in the show
  2. God is not a killjoy
  3. Trust and obey.