True Strength

English PM
Guest Speaker
Ian Clarke
Matthew 4:1-11 (NIV) Read...
Deuteronomy 8:1-6 (NIV) Read...

Welcome to the war!

True strength – you have a King who can defeat Satan and defeat temptation

The temptations

                  -       Can Jesus trust the Father with his physical needs? 

                  -       Can Jesus trust the Father to lead his work? 

                  -       Can Jesus trust the Father on a long lonely difficult path?

   Jesus as a model (Understanding God’s big plan vs. devotional reading)

                  -       Temptation starts with doubting God

                  -       Don’t make your appetite your god (the temptation to go low)

                  -       Don’t test God (the temptation to go high) Make it happen vs “God’s

                         methods in God’s time will achieve God’s purposes” 

                  -       Don’t sell out 

                  -       Temptation finishes! (not by giving in)

Some motivation in this battle:

                  -       Understand the consequences of losing – sin is not a good master

                  -       Look to Jesus who has true strength and walks beside you