Disagreeing Well

English AM
Ian Clarke
Acts 15:36 - 16:5 (NIV) Read...
2 Timothy 4:11 (NIV) Read...

An Unsanitised Account



Blame the Bible



Paul and Barnabas set out



Disagreeing Well


Don’t sweat the small stuff (and stuff is the small stuff)

Advance the kingdom


Collateral damage

Questions for your group


  1. What sort of arguer are you? Do you enjoy intelligent arguing? Do you try to ignore disagreements? Do you get emotional?


  1. How would you score yourself?
    1. When I disagree, can I describe the other person’s view clearly and convincingly?


  1. Do I tend to think people who disagree with me are bad or stupid?


  1. Have I had an argument where I was right, but left collateral damage?
    1. What can I do about it?