Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Guidelines



  1. Church gathering Guideline Rules has changed in NSW regarding religious gatherings - Religious gatherings and places of worship can have up to 10 worshippers (50 from Monday); however, the church will not be opened to outsiders yet. It will open to brothers and sisters who are to record Sunday service. The deacons and Pastors will meet on Tuesday to discuss the next steps.

  2. The Annual General Meeting will be postponed to 28th June 2020.

  3. Church Bank account changed Due to the cyber attack to the church offering account, all banking accounts for the church have now been changed to Westpac Banking Corp. All invalid transactions have been reversed by the bank, the old account in Commonwealth bank will still be open for a while, but brothers and sisters please use the new bank account in Westpac now.

  4. Faith Promise offering This is an Individual promise between ourselves and God to support missionaries and mission education over the next 12 months. Instead of hard copy forms which we had in the past years, this year we have an anonymous online form https://forms.gle/WTnhcUb94N5ryJ6M6.

    Please consider and pray for God's guidance as we are to fill the form on or before Sun. 7/6/2020. Please also remember our missionaries who maybe facing extreme circumstances,

  5. Support our missionaries We also encourage you to care for our supported missionaries by subscribing to their newsletters. You can find their information and sign up form in https://forms.gle/gAp3orgaB8UHt5Ew7.

  6. One of our supported missionaries Christine Dillon from Taiwan has written a few Christian novels. You can show your support by going to https://books2read.com/u/b5MkxA . Novels are available in hardcopy, e-book and audio format.

  7. The Porters' 3 bedroom duplex located near Carlingford West Primary has become available for tenants from now until they return for Home Assignment (end of Dec 2020). Rent is negotiable and below market value for CABC members. Please email porters@omfmail.com for more details.

  8. The ECC and ministries currently have a few open positions to be filled after June. We pray that God will open the door for you to join in these ministries.

     Outreach ECC role
     TYF ECC role
     Christian Education and Training ECC role
     PLUS Bible Study Leader
     Bible Study teacher (High School)

    If you are interested and it's in your heart, please contact Elon, elon.chiu@gmail.com

  9. Online security alert! In light of increased dependence on technology, we are reminding everyone to be careful. Please visit www.idcare.org to be educated about internet security basics as well as for seeking support if required.


Who are We

Chinese and Australian Baptist Church - Thornleigh was founded in July 1989. Since 1984, Rev. Joseph Fung responded to God's guidance, and, together with Rev. Burman of Eastwood Baptist Church began to reach out to the Cantonese speaking Chinese migrant community, resulting in the establishment of CABC Thornleigh. All this time the Church has upheld its foundation – the Word of God. The ministry of our church has always centred on the Word of God – our Sunday worship, our all-age Sunday school, our cell groups and fellowship groups all built upon this foundation; but from the beginning, never forgetting the Great Commission. Right from the beginning, CABC-Thornleigh already established a mission fund, supporting local and overseas mission.

Here we see a beautiful picture, the Australian and Chinese pastors and brothers and sisters then, in responding to the gospel need of the community, joined in local mission, establishing the church, spreading the Word of God, and supporting overseas missions. Just as the Lord Jesus, before his ascension, instructed the apostles and said, “…You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). We thank God for His provision throughout the years, for establishing CABC-Thornleigh this big spiritual family to proclaim Christ and witness the power of His Gospel.