1. Diaconate & Committee members The new term of Diaconate & Committee members is elected. Please find attached the name list for your
    information and prayer support.

  2. Bible Storytelling Workshop conducted by Christine Dillon.
    (Part 1: Sunday, 11/8 and Part 2: Sunday 8/9 1:15 PM - 3:15 PM)
    The workshop will be conducted in English, with ample time for small group practice. Attendees can form their own groups and
    practise in their preferred language.
    This workshop is organised by the Children Ministry and open to all.
    Please RSVP by the 9th August using the QR code. For further information, please refer the attached flyer or contact Agnes Poon or
    Margaret Leung.

  3. Collection Night –in partnership with Hopestreet Woollo & CABCT (Side Hall, 6:30-8:30pm on Sat 20 July). You are invited to give
    generously to those in need and be Sowers of His Love. Refer to the flyer for items to give and contact Elon Chiu if you have

  4. Faith Promise for Missions Good news! We have passed the 74% mark, thank you to the brothers and sisters who have submitted their
    Faith Promise. As of last Thursday (11/07/24), we have received 47 pledges totalling $93,438, we are close to reaching our mission
    budget of $127,120.
    The anonymous online form (https://tinyurl.com/faithpromise2024) is still open for those who have not yet submitted. Please
    consider and seek God's guidance and pray for the mission work of our missionaries.

  5. Church Lunch is on TODAY! Those who have not bought lunch tickets can still buy them after 1 pm, first come first served. Please be
    reminded to bring your own utensil and lunch box to eliminate the heavy workload of washing dishes afterwards. You are welcome to
    help pack up after lunch.

  6. 35th Church Anniversary Celebration
    i. Date: 4 Aug 2024, Sunday
    Venue: Roselea Community Centre, 645-671 Pennant Hills Road, Beecroft
    Time: 10:30 am thanksgiving service; 12:30 pm – 4:00pm lunch, activity, fellowship and clean up.
    Car parks are limited on site, please organise carpool as much as possible.
    Street parking information will be announced in the coming weeks.

    Lunch order for the 35th Anniversary Celebration is available today, 10:30 – 11:00am, 12:30 – 1:00pm , near kitchen area.
    We will be having simple meals from catering; recommended cost is $10 per person.
    Free offerings are welcome at the time of ordering.

    ii. To celebrate our 35th Church Anniversary, we’ll have a “35th Anniversary Dessert Competition”. Cell Groups and fellowships are
    invited to participate. Designs will be judged on the appearance & meaning related to the theme of our church mission “to nurture
    disciples in God’s word, be sowers of his love”. They have to be individually packed and tasted by those who come to the
    celebration on 4 August. For details, please contact Rita Lam.


Word- Scripture

Ian Clarke
2 Timothy 3:12 - 4:4 (NIV) Read...

Word- Scripture

Ian Clarke
2 Timothy 3:12 - 4:4 (NIV) Read...

Who are We

Chinese and Australian Baptist Church - Thornleigh was founded in July 1989. Since 1984, Rev. Joseph Fung responded to God's guidance, and, together with Rev. Burman of Eastwood Baptist Church began to reach out to the Cantonese speaking Chinese migrant community, resulting in the establishment of CABC Thornleigh. All this time the Church has upheld its foundation – the Word of God. The ministry of our church has always centred on the Word of God – our Sunday worship, our all-age Sunday school, our cell groups and fellowship groups all built upon this foundation; but from the beginning, never forgetting the Great Commission. Right from the beginning, CABC-Thornleigh already established a mission fund, supporting local and overseas mission.

Here we see a beautiful picture, the Australian and Chinese pastors and brothers and sisters then, in responding to the gospel need of the community, joined in local mission, establishing the church, spreading the Word of God, and supporting overseas missions. Just as the Lord Jesus, before his ascension, instructed the apostles and said, “…You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). We thank God for His provision throughout the years, for establishing CABC-Thornleigh this big spiritual family to proclaim Christ and witness the power of His Gospel.


 Address: 235 Pennant Hills Road, Thornleigh

Phone: (02) 9484 3920

Email: office [at] cabc-t.org.au