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235 Pennant Hills Road, Thornleigh, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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English Service, Mandarin Service, Cantonese Bible Study


Cantonese Service, Mandarin Bible Study, English Bible Study


Prayer Meeting (only on 5th week)


Cantonese Service, English Bible Study


Cantonese Sunday School, English Family Service



Prayer Meeting (only on 2nd and 4th week)




Mandarin and Cantonese Playgroup


English PLUS & Workers



Cantonese Leisure Centre

Cantonese Lady Fellowship (1st and 3rd week)


Cantonese Workers Fellowship (1st and 3rd week)



English Playgroup


English Youth Fellowship (TYF)


Cantonese Youth Fellowship


Mandarin Youth Fellowship (odd week)


Cell group

Cantonese Evergreen Fellowship (2nd Sat)



  1. Fundraising for the Manse Renovation Project The Fundraising Committee for the Manse Project met last week, to brainstorm and to set up procedures for fundraising activities. The meeting agreed that the purpose of fundraising will be to raise part (not all) of the money needed to fund the project, and (most importantly) to actively involve all congregations in the project as it proceeds. To achieve these goals, the following representatives have been appointed for each congregation: Pat Wong (9am English), Danny Hew (9am Mandarin), Garry Ng (11am Cantonese), Irving Liu (3pm Cantonese), and Ingrid Li (5pm English). Please speak to them if you have any questions or fundraising ideas. Please note that all activities must be organised through the committee to ensure transparency, and to coordinate payment of GST where necessary.
    All money raised will be deposited in the church Building Fund, and designated specifically for the Manse Project.

  2. Indian Christian Mission Centre (ICMC) Supporters Dinner will be held at 6.30pm on Saturday, 13th October in the Side Hall. Bright, Joy, and Jeremiah are coming to Australia, and all are welcome to share a meal with them and hear of their work in India. Cost per person of $10-$15 (TBC) will cover dinner (traditional Southern Indian cuisine). Additional funds will be donated to the ministry of ICMC. Current supporters are encouraged to come and bring their family and friends. RSVP is essential as we need to plan the food. Please contact Norman Lee (AM) or Janice Tam (PM). If you are unable to attend, you can support through prayer, especially as they wait for visas to come to Australia.

  3. There will be a short-term mission trip briefing organised by our church and OMF today from 1:00 to 2:30pm in room 5/6/7. Details about the short-term trips to Taiwan, Japan and China in 2019 and 2020 will be provided, with a Q&A session for those who have specific questions. All brothers and sisters are welcome.

  4. Baptism Sunday There will be a baptism on Sunday 14th October. Please speak to Peter dart if you want to be baptised on that day.


Who are We

Chinese and Australian Baptist Church - Thornleigh was founded in July 1989. Since 1984, Rev. Joseph Fung responded to God's guidance, and, together with Rev. Burman of Eastwood Baptist Church began to reach out to the Cantonese speaking Chinese migrant community, resulting in the establishment of CABC Thornleigh. All this time the Church has upheld its foundation – the Word of God. The ministry of our church has always centred on the Word of God – our Sunday worship, our all-age Sunday school, our cell groups and fellowship groups all built upon this foundation; but from the beginning, never forgetting the Great Commission. Right from the beginning, CABC-Thornleigh already established a mission fund, supporting local and overseas mission.

Here we see a beautiful picture, the Australian and Chinese pastors and brothers and sisters then, in responding to the gospel need of the community, joined in local mission, establishing the church, spreading the Word of God, and supporting overseas missions. Just as the Lord Jesus, before his ascension, instructed the apostles and said, “…You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). We thank God for His provision throughout the years, for establishing CABC-Thornleigh this big spiritual family to proclaim Christ and witness the power of His Gospel.