1. Christmas Day Service The Mandarin Congregation will be using the Main Hall for worship on 25th December, at 9am. For those who wish to take part in baptism on the day, please contact Rev. Trent Tsai. There will be a minimum of two sessions to be attended before the baptism; and the one to be baptised will prepare his/her testimony sharing.

  2. Church office reopening Please note that the church office is re-opened; the arrangement is the same as before the Covid-19 pandemic.

  3. Church reopening
    Please note the following regarding the re-opening of church venue for Sunday ministries:
    • The maximum number of people in a gathering will be based on the size of the meeting area, with one person every 4 square metres.
    • Everyone who attends church will need to have their temperature taken and recorded. 37.8 degree Celsius will be the maximum allowed temperature.

    English congregation
    • 9AM English service: In-person worship via live streaming. Please click https://signup.com/go/LOOyJRu to sign in beforehand.
    • 9AM Children Sunday School will continue to be held at church. You will need to register both adults and kids at https://signup.com/go/LOOyJRu before you come. Please look out for email / WhatsApp message from Candy for details.
    • For high school students, English Sunday School has restarted (meeting in room 4,5 and 6 at 11am).
    • The English 3pm Youth Group will be online.
    • The English 5pm service recommencement will be determined later.

    Cantonese congregation
    • The 11am service will be open for worship, around 35 people are allowed due to the social distancing ruling, together with those who are serving. The service will be live-streamed from church for others. Please register at https://signup.com/go/LOOyJRu beforehand.
    • 11AM Children Sunday school will continue to be run through Zoom.
    • 9am Adult Sunday School will continue using Zoom.
    • Sunday Youth Dwelling is back to church meeting on Sunday afternoons. CYF will continue to have fellowship at church.
    • The 3pm normal service will continue to be conducted at church in-person.
    • The 5pm Adult Sunday School classes is conducted both in-person at church with whatsapp audio and online in Zoom.

    Mandarin congregation
    • Mandarin congregation is open for in-person worship, around 29 people are allowed due to social distancing ruling. Please register at https://signup.com/go/LOOyJRu beforehand.
    • The service will be live-streamed from church to others.
    • Sunday school will run on Zoom for now.
    • Cell groups will decide on method of meeting.

  4. Church use during restrictions If your cell group or fellowship meets at church, please continue to follow the Church gathering guidelines. Please record your attendance via https://tiny.cc/cabctattend (or use the QR code on the right). You will also be asked to check and record your temperature. Thermometers and masks are available in the Covid Marshal’s Box for use, which can be found in Room 3 and the Manse.

    Church gathering Guidelines

    The church venue is now opened for fellowships and cell groups, as well as pre-recording of Sunday service or live-streaming of service.

    Cell group leader must book the venue in advance.
    Inside the building:
     Social distancing rule applies in all area.
     Please use hand sanitiser when you enter and leave the building.
     People are strongly encouraged and recommended to use face mask at all time.
    1) People are discouraged to use church kitchen.
    • if necessary, drinking water (hot and cold) is available, people must bring their own cup, or use disposable cups. Microwaves/fridge are available for food heating and storage.
    • People are to wash hands thoroughly before and after touching the water tap (hot and cold), microwave oven, the fridge and all the storage area inside the kitchen.
    2) People are encouraged to clean up the toilet before and after use.
    • It is Important that all stain is to be removed with brush and disinfectant.
    3) People are discouraged to eat at church.
    • But if you have to eat at church, you are responsible to take away all the food left over and to clean up the place.

    Cell Group, Fellowship and Service pre-recording group leaders are responsible for opening church doors and alarm deactivation with a key holder; they are to:
    o Sanitise the tables, chairs and equipment they used
    o switch off all lights/air-con(s),
    o set the alarm on and
    o lock all doors before they leave.
    When the thermometer malfunctions, report to office@cabc-t.org.au.

  5. Update from the Tans Some of you may remember the Tan family, who were supported by CABC Thornleigh when they served in Bolivia with SIM from 1995 to 2009. Now that the kids have grown up and are leaving home, Lorenzo and Liliana (pseudonyms) are re-applying to return overseas, this time to a country with a tiny minority of believers, where they plan to join a team teaching in a university. They would be very grateful for your prayers as they begin preparing for this new area of ministry. If you are curious and would like to know more, please contact them at lillypilly@tutanota.com.

  6. Christmas Event (posters attached) :
     The Carols in the (car)Park event (English) will happen at 5:30pm on Sunday evening 13th December – keep it clear! It’s an hour of music, drama and fun. We can fit several hundred people safely in the carpark. With masks, you can even join in the (muffled) singing.
     Mandarin Congregation will be having their Christmas Carol Nite (Mandarin) held online, on Sat. 12th December, from 8pm-9pm. Theme is [大喜的信息] via www.youtube.com/cabcthornleigh
     Cantonese Christmas Night [樂哉主臨]will be held at church at 7:30pm – 9:30pm on Sat. 19th December. Please enrol before 13th Dec. to join; contact Eda Chu 0432393825/ Christa Li 0417435525.


Who are We

Chinese and Australian Baptist Church - Thornleigh was founded in July 1989. Since 1984, Rev. Joseph Fung responded to God's guidance, and, together with Rev. Burman of Eastwood Baptist Church began to reach out to the Cantonese speaking Chinese migrant community, resulting in the establishment of CABC Thornleigh. All this time the Church has upheld its foundation – the Word of God. The ministry of our church has always centred on the Word of God – our Sunday worship, our all-age Sunday school, our cell groups and fellowship groups all built upon this foundation; but from the beginning, never forgetting the Great Commission. Right from the beginning, CABC-Thornleigh already established a mission fund, supporting local and overseas mission.

Here we see a beautiful picture, the Australian and Chinese pastors and brothers and sisters then, in responding to the gospel need of the community, joined in local mission, establishing the church, spreading the Word of God, and supporting overseas missions. Just as the Lord Jesus, before his ascension, instructed the apostles and said, “…You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). We thank God for His provision throughout the years, for establishing CABC-Thornleigh this big spiritual family to proclaim Christ and witness the power of His Gospel.