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從圈內到圈外的福音 10/09/2017 廣東話 Vincent Cheung John 3:3-8 (NIV) Read..., John 4:7-26 (NIV) Read..., John 4:39-42 (NIV) Read... Audio icon CAM 10-9-2017.mp3
定焦掃描約拿—「這人將來如何?」 05/05/2019 廣東話 Guest Speaker 朱光澤傳道 Jonah 1:1-9 (NIV) Read..., Jonah 4:11 (NIV) Read... Audio icon CAM 5-5-2019.mp3
「你們為什麼不信我呢?」 23/04/2017 廣東話 Vincent Cheung John 8:30-47 (NIV) Read... Audio icon cam2017-04-23.mp3
信耶穌的人要遠離偶像 23/12/2018 廣東話 Vincent Cheung 1 John 5:1-21 (NIV) Read... Audio icon CAM 23-12-2018.mp3
聖餐與使命的群體 04/12/2016 廣東話 Vincent Cheung Luke 22:14-38 (NIV) Read... Audio icon CAM-4-12-2016.mp3
祭司君王:更美之約的中保 29/07/2018 廣東話 Vincent Cheung Genesis 14:17-20 (NIV) Read..., Hebrews 7:1-28 (NIV) Read... Audio icon CAM 29-7-2018.mp3
禍哉中的盼望 03/07/2016 廣東話 Herbert Chan Amos 4:1-13 (NIV) Read... Audio icon CAM-2016-7-3.mp3
共融的群體:主耶穌作主 25/02/2018 廣東話 Herbert Chan Colossians 1:13-23 (NIV) Read... Audio icon CAM 25-02-2018.mp3
為光作見證 17/01/2016 廣東話 Herbert Chan John 1:6-8 (NIV) Read... Audio icon CAM-2016-1-17.mp3
你給他們吃罷! 21/05/2017 廣東話 David Ko Luke 9:12-17 (NIV) Read... Audio icon CAM 21-5-2017.mp3
恢復主的家:甘心的承諾 11/10/2020 廣東話 Herbert Chan Nehemiah 10:28-39 (NIV) Read... Embedded thumbnail for 恢復主的家:甘心的承諾 Audio icon CAM-2020-10-12.m4a
分別出來的選擇 31/07/2016 廣東話 Herbert Chan Amos 4:0 - 5:0 (NIV) Read... Audio icon CPM-2016-07-31.mp3
在關係中作見證 14/02/2016 廣東話 Herbert Chan Psalms 23:1-6 (NIV) Read... Audio icon CAM-2016-2-14-2.mp3
當神要選定你 09/05/2021 廣東話 Simon Porter Jonah 1:1-17 (NIV) Read... Embedded thumbnail for 當神要選定你 Audio icon CAM-2021-05-09.m4a
“疫”有盼望 17/05/2020 廣東話 Guest Speaker 鄭龍執事 Luke 9:1-6 (NIV) Read... Embedded thumbnail for “疫”有盼望 Audio icon CAM-2020-05-17.m4a
Tears in Ramah 10/12/2017 English AM Michael Leader Matthew 2:15-18 (NIV) Read..., Jeremiah 31:1-34 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2017-12-10.mp3
Hope for the downcast 21/10/2018 English AM Peter Dart Psalms 42:0 - 43:0 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2018-10-21.mp3
Little Stories- Big Truths: The Fox, the Funeral and the Furrow 21/06/2020 English AM Ian Clarke Luke 9:57-62 (NIV) Read... Embedded thumbnail for Little Stories- Big Truths:  The Fox, the Funeral and the Furrow Audio icon EAM-2020-06-21.m4a
A solid foundation 09/10/2016 English AM Peter Dart 2 Timothy 2:14 - 3:9 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2016-10-09.mp3
Mission: Non-negotiable 03/06/2018 English AM Peter Dart Isaiah 54:1-3 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2018-06-03.mp3
Listening and doing 19/01/2020 English AM Guest Speaker Johan Linder James 1:19-27 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2020-01-19.mp3
Leadership, anxiety and standing firm 24/04/2016 English AM Michael Leader 1 Peter 5:1-14 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2016-04-24.mp3
An Upsetting sermon 23/01/2022 English AM Peter Dart Luke 4:14-30 (NIV) Read... Embedded thumbnail for An Upsetting sermon Audio icon EAM-2022-01-23.m4a
Set free from condemnation; set free to conform to his image 01/09/2019 English AM Guest Speaker Ben Clarke Romans 8:1-39 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2019-09-01.mp3
Standing firm, pressing on 20/08/2017 English AM Guest Speaker Philippians 3:12 - 4:1 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2017-08-20.mp3
Through many dangers 07/03/2021 English AM Peter Dart Acts 27:0 (NIV) Read... Embedded thumbnail for Through many dangers Audio icon EAM-2021-03-07.m4a
Story of the Kingdom – The Rise 06/09/2020 English AM Guest Speaker Nathan Chau 1 Samuel 17:0 (NIV) Read... Embedded thumbnail for Story of the Kingdom – The Rise   Audio icon EAM-2020-09-06.m4a
True Goodness 27/10/2019 English AM Guest Speaker Johan Linder Matthew 5:38 - 6:4 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2019-10-27.mp3
What are you sowing ? 20/01/2019 English AM Guest Speaker Joseph Moormann Galations 6:7-10 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2019-01-20.mp3
Return to God! 07/08/2016 English AM Peter Dart Amos 4:0 - 5:0 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2016-08-07.mp3
True Riches 24/11/2019 English AM Joe Moormann joe Matthew 6:19-24 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2019-11-24.mp3
The LORD, My Shepherd 14/11/2021 English AM Nathan Chau Psalms 23:0 (NIV) Read... Embedded thumbnail for The LORD, My Shepherd Audio icon EAM-2021-11-14.m4a
The Son of God 06/05/2018 English AM Peter Dart Colossians 1:15-23 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2018-05-06.mp3
Sufferings, Baptism, Resurrection and Missional Church 20/03/2016 English AM Vincent Cheung Matthew 5:38-44 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2016-03-20.mp3
During the Days of Jesus Earthly Life 26/12/2021 English AM Joe Moormann Luke 2:40-52 (NIV) Read... Embedded thumbnail for During the Days of Jesus Earthly Life Audio icon EAM-2021-12-26.m4a
The parable of the two debtors 28/06/2020 English AM Guest Speaker Michael Jim Luke 7:36-50 (NIV) Read... Embedded thumbnail for The parable of the two debtors Audio icon EAM-2020-06-28.m4a
God and bald jokes 07/01/2018 English AM Michael Leader 2 Kings 2:9-24 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2018-01-07.mp3
Get the Money changers out of the Temple 14/04/2019 English AM Guest Speaker Ian Clarke Matthew 21:12-18 (NIV) Read..., John 13:12-17 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2019-04-14.mp3
Authentic believers… 02/04/2017 English AM Peter Dart John 8:31-47 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2017-04-02.mp3
True superheroes 06/11/2016 English AM Michael Leader 2 Timothy 4:6-22 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2016-11-06.mp3
The One and Only 05/06/2016 English AM Peter Dart 1 Corinthians 2:1-5 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2016-06-05.mp3
Jesus the Game Changer, Part 1: Jesus 04/02/2018 English AM Michael Leader John 20:30-31 (NIV) Read..., John 21:24-25 (NIV) Read...
Baggage 17/09/2017 English AM Guest Speaker Ian Clarke 1 Samuel 20:27-42 (NIV) Read..., Matthew 19:16-21 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2017-09-17.mp3
Freedom 30/04/2017 English AM Peter Dart John 8:31-36 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2017-04-30.mp3
A child is born 11/12/2016 English AM Peter Dart Genesis 4:1-16 (NIV) Read..., Genesis 4:25-26 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2016-12-11.mp3
A New Person 05/08/2018 English AM Guest Speaker Ian Clarke Colossians 3:12-17 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2018-08-05.mp3
A Tale of 4 Kings 10/07/2016 English AM Michael Leader 2 Chronicles 25:1 - 26:1 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2016-07-10.mp3
Jesus the Game Changer, Part 5: Democracy 04/03/2018 English AM Michael Leader Audio icon EAM-2018-03-04.mp3
Words, words, words 15/10/2017 English AM Peter Dart Proverbs 12:13-18 (NIV) Read..., Matthew 5:33-37 (NIV) Read..., Matthew 12:33-37 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2017-10-15.mp3
Cosmic Vending Machine or Loving Father:Who is God to us? 09/06/2019 English AM Joe Moormann 1 Samuel 4:0 (NIV) Read... Audio icon EAM-2019-06-09.mp3